How can Cloud printing help your business?

cloud printing

With customer support and quality service at the forefront of all of our chosen partnerships, here at M.C.L we work hand in hand with the latest technology to enable the best possible solution for every customer. Implementing private cloud solutions within your office environment enables users to print to compatible printers, regardless of their location. Allowing you to conduct your business on the go and at multiple locations, each end user has easy access to their stored files and documents.

With businesses increasingly turning to cloud technologies to enable them to store and share large quantities of data, cloud hosting connects you effortlessly to all your files, giving you total control over when and where you access and print them. Cloud technology is changing the way businesses manage, process and interface with documents, we have now combined print and document management solutions hosted in a private, secure and resilient virtual cloud environment.

Not only does Cloud printing give you access to your stored files anytime, anywhere, each end user can add tags or note content for accurate search capabilities. With flexible, easy, secure retrieval and printing from any Kyocera MFP, you don’t even need your smart phone, computer or tablet to be able to access, store, print and scan your documents.

With your traditional server replaced with a virtual server, this offers an excellent opportunity to consolidate and rationalise your printing environment, which in turn leads to reduced overheads and costs. Introducing this technology into your office environment means you can store documents in the cloud and travel lightly, confident that you can turn paper documents into digital files or do the reverse with just one push of a button.

It is important to us that we can provide our customers with market leading solutions to help you move forward. Fully backed by one of the world’s leading cloud hosting providers, our Cloud printing services save you money and deliver more security, availability, reliability and flexibility to your document management solution.

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