Why should you carry out a print audit?

print audit

One of the many hidden costs within businesses today is often the cost of printing – with many organisations overlooking the amount of waste and spend associated with your entire print set-up. When you have captured an insight into the true cost of your office printing, it is only then that you gain a true overview of all costs and output, enabling you to be able to then manage and reduce your overall spend.

The costs associated with producing printed information can often go unnoticed, with many people accepting the cost instead of managing it. Whether you are looking to save money or reduce waste, print audits give you the opportunity to conduct a thorough and detailed analysis of your existing print fleet.

A straightforward print audit can tell you what volumes are being generated across your printing fleet, how much is being spent each month on printing and even more specific information such as the biggest users and what printers are being operated the most heavily. By letting us conduct a print audit, you can review all usage and costs, offering a completely transparent overview upon which you can base any review decisions.

After conducting a print audit completely free of charge, with this information to hand, M.C.L are able to offer solid recommendations based upon your exact requirements. With a complete and full picture, we can proffer a solution that involves realistic proposition for change and savings.

This service is non disruptive and simple, and is purely available to help highlight your saving opportunities, whilst also giving you the perfect platform to manage your fleet and control your spend.

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