Print mobility and the modern workplace

printing solution presentation

As hot-desking and remote working continue to gain traction in today’s workplace, the need for fluid and flexible IT infrastructures is greater than it ever has been.

Modern workers no longer want to be confined to their desk in a corner of the office.  Instead they want to move around and have the ability to access tools on the go.  A healthy work-life balance seems to be more important than ever, as does personal health and fitness, so it’s no wonder people are shunning a commute on packed public transport and congested motorways in favour of working from home or in their local coffee shop.

This demand to work and print, from anywhere and from any device means the need for mobile print solutions is on the increase too.  Mobile print is a great enabler of the flexible workspace – and a key driver of a happy, agile, loyal workforce – and the efficiency that it facilitates is of huge benefit.

I, for one am no longer tied to a desk in an office – and I much prefer it. I don’t have to worry about a commute and now, armed with a mobile Wi-Fi device, tablet, smartphone and suitable cloud document storage solution, the world is literally my office.

When I do venture into the office I, of course demand an effective mobile print solution.  Mobile workers in general are looking to transform their entire office into a mobile experience, and they require print, copy and scan capabilities that mirror the flexibility of their mobile devices.

No need to be hamstrung

However, while Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile working have the potential to significantly increase engagement and make it easier for modern workers to have a healthy work-life balance, all too often these mobility drives are being hamstrung by a lack of mobile printing. It’s all very well allowing workplace freedom, but unless documents can be accessed efficiently, when and where they need them, any productivity gains to be had from mobility and BYOD schemes will be lessened.

Thankfully there are solutions such as Kyocera Mobile Print, a free app that enables users to securely print documents, web pages, images – as well as copy and print text from a clipboard – on demand from virtually anywhere, on iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices to select Kyocera MFPs and printers. Users can also scan files and images from those same MFPs to their mobile devices.

Mobile Print puts users in control of their document imaging and eliminates the need to carry cumbersome printed files on the chance they might be needed. It also eliminates issues associated with emailing files to someone connected to a network in order to have them printed.

The investment in print assets required to introduce an effective mobile print solution aren’t huge – especially given the estimated benefits they can bring.

Finally, here’s another thought that makes a mobile print solution a must. Whether we like it or not, we are all mobile workers. You could be travelling to work and editing a document on the train. Perhaps you’re catching up on emails as you wait for your doctor to work their way through their list of patients and cross your fingers you don’t leave the surgery with more ailments than you came in with. Mobility has become synonymous with productivity both inside and outside the workplace. And that means every organisation needs a mobile print capability.