Are you ‘frank-ly’ fed up – let us help you PostNow!

Do you lease a ‘franking’ device? Do you want to reduce your postal costs and simplify the process? Print your postage labels directly from your Kyocera Multi-functional printer with new PostNow application launched by KYOCERA.

The new KYOCERA PostNow application can be integrated onto your current MFP – designed by Kyocera and only available on the Kyocera TASKalfa range of devices, this app is completely unique to us!

Although it may be difficult to imagine a world without endless franking and tedious stamping  – believe me the time has arrived. As technology has evolved, managing documents has become so much easier. There is no getting away from the fact that we all live and work in busy times – yet most office-based employees will tell you they’re being asked to do even more at work.

Introducing the PostNow app (bare with me while i explain the first bit) … when you’re sending large quantities of mail, Printed Postage Impressions (or PPIs from the Royal Mail) offer a simple alternative to postage stamps or franking machines. Now easy to set up and simple to print, PPIs could save you time and money on UK and International mailings.

The KYOCERA PostNow app provides a simple method for users to be able to create a PPI label, with an option to add a recipient address at the same time at the MFP. KYOCERA PostNow also provides companies with the ability to integrate post code lookups as part of the addressing process.

Working in conjunction with Royal Mail Printed Postage Impressions and their Online Business Account, KYOCERA PostNow ensures you only pay for what you post when it’s collected.

Now more than ever, we are all encouraged to work the same hours with extra work, with organisations becoming more reticent about replacing staff that move on to new pastures – that means office efficiency is more important that it ever has been. Luckily with print driven technology improving workflow productivity, every day processes in offices (as well as saving the organisation some money at the same time) have become an absolute savour.

Simple changes in an office can make big differences, optimising document workflows provides a vast untapped source of cost and time saving. The KYOCERA PostNow app eliminates the need for an expensive franking machine, whilst also reducing your postal costs.

With this application you can;

  • Print your labels directly from the MFP without the need for users to log into the PC
  • Utilise step-by-step screens to make it easy for users to produce labels with minimal training needed
  • Restrict access so only those users authorised can produce PPI labels – when used in conjunction with Kyocera Net Manager
  • Make use of the server-less installation, making this an easy to install application.

For more information, please read –  KYOCERA PostNow Application

The KYOCERA PostNow app will reduce your annual cost and save you time and money, for a 30 day FREE trial period contact one of our team today for more information – 01386 551000 or email us