KYOCERA Recycling Scheme

KYOCERA Recycling Scheme

Renowned in the industry for green initiative and environmental practice, we currently offer a returns service for all used, genuine KYOCERA toner cassettes and waste toner bottles.

With a choice of services based on your volume of toner returns, please visit us to request your toner returns box.

KYOCERA Toner Service


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Take Back Service


KYOCERA’s bulk toner take-back service comes with a specially designed toner collection box of two sizes, which is used to store empty toners and then collected when it is full. This service is free, and is managed very easily via a dedicated web portal –


If you are a home user or a very small office, you can still return single toners to us, using a downloadable Freepost Label.

Also a free service, this applies to individuals who discard fewer than 10 empty toners per year.

Available Options

This service is for residents of the UK only.

Toner collection boxes are available in two sizes – box “M” can hold around 15-20 toners and box “L” can hold around 40-50 toners. We suggest you use box “M” if you use more than 10 toners per year and box “L” if you use more than 40 toners per year. You can order empty collection boxes, which are supplied in flat-packs containing 3 boxes, from the web portal. You use the same web portal to request collection of the box(es) when they are full.

If you are a large business, you can of course order multiple packs of empty boxes and arrange collection for more than one box at a time. You only need register once on the web portal, where you will have the opportunity to set up an account which enables you to access data on your toner returns. KYOCERA is happy to confirm this service is free of charge in order to ensure that our spent consumables are properly disposed of by best environmental methods and our service complies fully with UK WEEE legislation.

just a couple of points

Make sure it's full

Please do not request collection of your box until it is completely full, as shipping part-filled boxes increases the environmental impact of transport.


Make sure it's KYOCERA

Please do not return consumables from other manufacturers, including Kyocera compatible toners. We can only accept genuine Kyocera toner cassettes and waste toner bottles.

Make sure it's sealed

Please do seal items securely in the plastic bags that are included in the packaging of new Kyocera consumables. This avoids toner leakage during transport.


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