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Midshire Communications Limited is strongly committed to supporting school administration and teachers, freeing them from laborious tasks. Our software solutions can help you save money and reduce printer waste in your school or college.

Educators face a specific set of challenges, and the implications of these have an effect on colleagues, pupils, parents and the wider community. Teaching staff are overworked and not just in the classroom, meaning non-teaching duties are consistently taking away from teaching time.  This year’s educational predictions focus on enabling these changes through adopting new technology solutions and support models that are more efficient and effective.


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Finding the Right Solution

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The first step is to audit your internal processes and your spend on technology, including your printing costs, to work out how much you are actually spending, both financially and in terms of how staff time is invested. A detailed analysis of your existing print fleet, allows us to review your current usage and costs across each device within your working environment, giving us a complete overview and you full transparency.


Midshire Communications Ltd are supported by an expert team of technical staff and Kyocera document solutions to enable schools, colleges and universities to integrate new technologies into the curriculum. Teachers don’t need to be overwhelmed with hard copy student records, as they can now scan them directly into the easy-to-use database for centralised storage, simple retrieval and enhanced document workflow.

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Excellent customer service and follow-up is what differentiates us and makes us able to provide the best possible solution for your school at all times. Societal and economic pressures are forcing senior education leaders to rethink business models that will bring down the cost of administering education institutions and scaling the business. Schools, colleges and Universities are under constant pressure to scrutinise and reconsider their costs in line with current Government policy. One of the areas in which efficiencies can be particularly useful is around processes.

Start a conversation to find out how you could reduce time wasted and cost spent, don’t worry about contracts or commitments, we are here to offer helpful advice to any school with no obligation at all.

Save on Budgets

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Educators have an appetite for technology. A Managed Document Solution could be the start of a wider evolution to greater advancements, modernisation and transition into the 21st century classroom. We have a range of printers suitable for all pupils and teaching staff, and we also offer training and modules to trial the technology. Call us today to discuss integrating new technology into your curriculum.

Smart Technology

Technology has had a noticable impact on British schools, but there is still a lack of awareness about the cost cutting benefits it brings. By investing in smarter, more efficient technologies, there are many ways in which processes can be altered to be more efficient and cost effective, particularly in regards to to ancillary element of the teaching environment, such as printing and print management.

Right Solution

With 24 years of experience, having worked with the educational sector, M.C.L have developed a unique insight into the challenges educators face each day. Our expert team can offer advice and support, with the mutual goal of creating a smarter working environment, whilst enhancing mobility, lowering costs, increasing security and implementing purpose technologies with unique applications.


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