Filestar is a document management system for large, medium and small enterprises. Filestar manages documents – both paper and electronic in a secure audited archive. Filestar is a leading solution provider for converting many paper based processes to electronic documents. Archiving, document workflow and secure document auditing are easy, without the need for onerous manual intervention.

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    Powerful Document Indexing

    Filestar is an easy way of electronically filing and retrieving documents. Filestar can use existing systems, such as Sage, to make the filing process streamlined, whilst ensuring data validation. Furthermore, features like ‘Auto-File’ make sorting documents simple, by attaching attributes that make your filing system easy and efficient, practically eliminating the need for you to manually index and file documents.

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    Search On Document Content

    Filestar embeds a powerful document content search engine, which means you can search for any word or character within a document and a combination of document data. For example, if your documents are filed with a Customer Reference Number – searching on this alone could potentially return hundreds of documents, however with Filestar, you can use the reference number in the search field along with one or more other words that may be present within the document. Filestar will speedily return only those documents that match the query. Document retrieval does not get quicker or simpler than this.

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    Detailed Audit Trail

    Filestar keeps a detailed audit of activity relating to its documents, including the original location that the documents were imported from to actions performed by users. The name of the user and the workstation they performed their action from is also logged. Filestar creates a digital fingerprint of every document it processes – this provides proof that the document is the original that was stored and has not been illicitly replaced or tampered with.

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    Document Permissions and Security

    Filestar provides fine grained permissions control of documents, folders and entire document categories – you can determine if users or groups of users can see a document, see its content, edit, delete or even manage the document’s permissions. The search engine also fully honours these permissions ensuring that no user can see a document within a search result set that they should not have access to.

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