KYOCERA Smart Information Manager

Kyocera Smart Information Manager (KSIM) is an easy-to-implement, user-friendly solution for small and mid-sized businesses wanting to move from paper-based to digital document management.

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  • Smarter workflows

    Digital solutions help optimise company resources.

  • Automation made easy

    Collate diverse information sources to streamline processes.

  • A springboard to efficiency

    Streamlined processes allow companies to focus on creating new value.

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    Document Import

    Users can import document information from various platforms including MFPs (multifunctional printers), smartphones, tablets and emails. Furthermore, by using a document capture software such as KYOCERA Capture Manager, users can extract and send attribute information to KSIM. For example, when processing an invoice, information such as the company name, address, invoice amount, and payment due date can be extracted from the document capture software and sent to the KSIM to be used in workflows.

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    Document Management

    KSIM enables the management of the entire document lifecycle from data import to usage, archiving, and disposal. Users can browse imported documents and edit attribute information. Security is ensured by enabling access control.

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    Document Search

    As an alternative solution to full text search which often takes time to complete and provides undesired files, KSIM allows users to search using filters. For example, when searching for an invoice a user can provide a certain payment amount or issue date to help refine the results.

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    Automated Workflows

    Document data imported from various formats are shared in automated workflows, enabling organisations to share information more quickly and accurately for circulation or approval. KSIM offers workflows for specific tasks which can be customised prior to installation based on user needs, enabling easy implementation and easy use regardless of the user operational skills.


A workflow and document management solution that ties in with other management software and managed print solutions that we offer.

Kyocera Smart Information Manager is a great programme for automating all laborious paper related tasks, save you time and money and become a more cost effective, streamlined and file smart business. If you have any questions please feel free to download the brochure or contact us.