PaperCut MF

If you are looking to cut waste, track printing and save money, whilst also implementing a secure and convenient solution for your printing environment, then PaperCut is the obvious choice. Straightforward and easy to install, PaperCut helps you easily manage users and printers within a busy working environment, helping you to track and control usage and behaviour.

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  • Virtual Queue

    The ability to have multiple devices and one virtual queue that can release to any of those selected, offers full management and control within your print solution.

  • Secure Print

    Full user confidentiality when printing/collecting files sent to each device, with privacy and permission features to ensure all documents are secure.

  • Hold and Release

    Hold and Release printing goes hand in hand with secure print. This means a job is held in the virtual queue until it is released by the user.

  • Charge

    Allocating costs to departments, users and groups means multiple billing platforms can be allocated to different departments, allowing for full transparency and control over spend and usage.

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    If you use digital printers or copiers every day in your business or education establishment, you can benefit from Papercut.

    If you want to create reports, save money and manage your printing needs intelligently and easily, you can benefit from Papercut MF.

    With various features, such as consolidating printing queues, reporting upon usage across numerous departments, ‘Hold and Release’ user collection and much more, Papercut is the smarter way to print, making it easy to manage your devices without the complexity.

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    Papercut is one of the leading managed print solutions, especially in education. It is simple to install, customisable to almost every need and easy to manage.

    But don’t take our word for it, contact us today and we can discuss how Papercut can enhance and support your working environment.

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    At MCL, we have dedicated trained technical staff to help you install, use and optimise Papercut to its full potential with your printing devices.

    Working with Kyocera and Konica Minolta we can offer you a flexible print management solution, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

    We will consult with you before any installation occurs. We will attend and perform the installation at your convenience and provide you with support after implementation.

    We take care of the how, so you can feel the reward of having a managed print solution that works for you.

More information on Papercut

For more information on Papercut, please contact our experienced team and we will be glad to help discuss your requirements further.